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Do you lay awake worrying and over thinking. Trying to find solutions but get no answers?

Are you looking for change in your life for something that is causing you distress or pain?

Are you struggling with something in your life and don't know where to turn?

Do life challenges feel too much as the moment?

If this is you and you would like some support, please don't hesitate to in touch on 07788698122.



We all need support at some stage in life. I'm here when you are ready to explore the issues that are stopping you from living a happy, fulfilled life. 
Get in touch if you would like to make changes in your life.

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Are you struggling with life Changes, Stresses of college / University life, Peer pressure / problems, Challenges of living away from home, Relationship difficulties, identifying who you are as an adult?
I'm here for you, contact me.


Is your anxiety or depression leaving you isolated, with little / no interest in life, issues at work, Family difficulties. Are past experiences creating today's problems. Do you have suicidal thoughts?
I can support you, get in touch

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Are you struggling with your mental health but avoid seeking therapy for fear of stigma or think men don't ask for help? 
Are there areas of your life causing you distress or hindering your relationships, would you like to change but unsure where to start?
It ok to reach out, give me a call.


Are you living with your disability, do you experience social exclusion, work issues, Finding / keeping work, benefit worries, disability / illness Concerns / fears, family difficulties, problems / fears socialising, medical appointments concerns, not being heard, discrimination.
Is this something you would like to change?
We can change this together, why not give me a call.



Are you training to become a Person-centred therapist and ready for your personal therapy sessions.
Discounted sessions available for student therapists.


Do you identify as LGBTQ, are you struggling with learning to be the real you, accepting who you are? Do you fear telling family & friends, do you want to live without guilt / shame / stigma? or identify which community you belong to?
I'm here to listen, get in touch

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Is your relationship causing you distress and leaving you unhappy, are you experiencing conflict, pleasing others, not feeling valued or heard, feeling trapped? Do these issues cause you problems at work or family difficulties?  Are past relationships creating today's problems?
Is it time to change this?
Why not give me a call


Are the demands of your work affecting your mental well-being? Do you find it difficult to balance work and your home life? Are financial pressures resulting in you over working? Are you just not happy in your career?
Do you want to explore a new way?
Why not get in touch

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I am grateful how well you worked with me as a parent of a young adult with a learning disability, giving me feedback on his sessions whilst still maintaining confidentiality and respecting my sons privacy.
he remembers how you helped him write things down on his ladder of change about hopping when inappropriate, which he has now stopped and feels more confident he can control.
thank you for your support - the way you also empowered me during some very difficult times. You listened to me, for which I am grateful.



Hello, I'm Chrissie, thank you for reading my website I hope you find it helpful. 


I am a person-cantered therapist who believes that we all have the ability to find the answer for ourselves, but sometimes we get stuck and need help.

Working together we can find ways to overcome your obstacles and improve your life by exploring your inner thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences, and learning how to have a better understanding of them.

I provide a confidential, safe space where you can feel heard, understood and respected without feeling judged.

A space to explore your concerns, issues, dilemmas. Time for yourself, where you are important without having to worry about others.

I will work with you at your pace, ensuring your autonomy throughout the time we have together to ensure you are happy with the outcome.

As a Accredited Professional member of the NCPS (national counsellors and psychotherapy society) I work within set guidelines of a governing body that is an accredited member of the Professional Standards Authority. I undertake regular continuous professional development workshops and keep up to date with the latest research and developments in the counselling and psychotherapy sector.

My Experience

I have been working as a therapist since 2015, working with adults from late teens to retirement age. My experience includes working with relationship and attachment issues, bereavement. Those who are affected by anxiety, panic attacks, fear, anger, rage, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence. Sexual and/or physical abuse, domestic violence. I am trained in the “rewind” technique for people with traumatic memories.

​Previously I worked as a therapist at The University of Leicester and have vast experience of working with students and young people in higher education on issues like the challenges of university life, relationship difficulties, stresses of study and assignments, balancing study and social life's, Challenges of living away from home.

​Having Experience of living with a physical disability myself, working with others that live with disabilities is something that is close to my heart, supporting others with disability issues like discrimination at work, anxiety and depression, isolation and socialising difficulties or health concerns. I volunteered as a counsellor at Mosaic disability services for three years.

​Getting Started

Starting therapy can be scary. Hopefully reading my website has helped you take the first steps; the next step when you are ready, is to contact me to book an appointment.

I provide 1-2-1 therapy for individuals, which can be either short-term concentrating on the issue concerning you, helping you find solutions, or long-term working on what has created your thoughts and feelings that are now causing you distress, then changing them to create a healthy relationship with yourself and others, leading to a happier, fuller life.


I offer face to face sessions in Ibstock, Leicestershire or online sessions via my safe online therapy room. To arrange your first session please email, call or use the contact form below. We can discuss your needs and arrange to meet.

My availability is Monday - Thursday 11am - 6pm

Friday 11am-4pm

I will look forward to working with you.


Available as a paperback, kindle or audiobook

You may want to know more about what happens in therapy before you start.
My book has been written to answer commonly asked questions, and gives you an insight into my therapy room.
It shares clients experiences and their outcomes and my personal story of how I became a therapist.

Client on the "my book" tab if you would like to know more and watch my book trailer. 



What is counselling / therapy - This is a hard question to answer as it is different for everyone. Some people want someone to off load to, some people want to find answers for their problems and others want to explore their pasts to identify what made them who they are today. I work with your agenda, it's your time.


You can have face to face sessions in my therapy room in the Ibstock area of Leicestershire.
You can have online sessions via my secure online room via Psychology today.


I offer daytime, evenings and some Saturday sessions. Please contact me to discuss your needs and we can arrange a time that is suitable.


The number of sessions depends on what you are looking for. You can choose either short and long-term therapy, depending on your time and what your issues are. 

Short-term therapy concentrates on the issue concerning you most at the time you seek support, helping you find solutions, set goals and ways of coping this can take up to 12 sessions.

Long-term goes a lot deeper and is working on what has created your thoughts and feelings, beliefs and behaviours that are causing you distress in the here and now, then changing them to create a healthy relationship with yourself and others, leading to a happier, fuller life. This can take up to 12 months.

As we work together, we will review our progress and end when you feel you have resolved your issues and are ready to move forward.


£50 per session - Some discounts are available


Your Personal data will be kept for 5 years from the end of our work together.  Your details and notes will be stored separately in a secure location and will not be shared with anyone other than when required under UK Law and where I am legally bound to release access to your personal information.  After that period your Personal Information will be confidentially destroyed.


I do not share your personal information with any other party, and you are able to access it at any time (free of charge) up to the date of destruction.  If requested by you in writing, I will provide your information to a third party. As a member of the ICO I adhere to their guidelines and will report any data breaches.  You will be informed should this happen.


When you are ready to arrange a session or have any questions, please get in touch.


Located in Ibstock, Leicestershire.

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